Larasita on line

10 June 2010 | 19:54 - Kantor Pertanahan Kabupaten Sumbawa  -  Liputan CAT_TOOTH

Kantor Pertanahan Kabupaten Sumbawa


Larasita on line
Sumbawa District Land Office, on 08 June 2010 to run the service program "Larasita" who chose the location in the Village District Stowebrang, Utan, Sumbawa regency. Type of service that is handled is the recognition of rights

Activities begin at 8:00 am apparently obtained a quite satisfactory response. Although the number of people who came Locations where Larasita on the run, but it can be said quite a lot of positive response from the people who own a house / soil in the area. It does not all apply for Recognition of Rights, there are simply want to get information and there is also just want to consult with Parties BPN that existed at that time.

From the successful implementation of about 11 applicants served the direct recognition of rights to receive Property Rights in a place where Larasita executed.

Larasita have been implemented after the implementation, things change panic. Facility Larasita car plunged down into the mud.